your wedding day

hannah persson photo brings a unique eye to wedding photography in the Chicago, Boston, New York, and beyond. 

You two are about to burst with all the tingles of love and with that electric energy. It is your wedding day. There is an intimate crowd gathered from states and countries to witness you guys do this thing. 

I want to be there. I want to capture your crazy aunt sneaking into your room to steal a peek just 5 minutes before the ceremony, while you roll your eyes at her. I want to document that hug, and also the hug when your dad whispers in your ear, nudging you to start the walk down the aisle. The aisle is covered with beautiful Persian rugs. I want to take photos of your dog, who happens to be your flower girl, happily walking down those rugs, all eyes on her. When you and your love look into each others' eyes during the reception, with that knowing look, after the best man has gone off script and gotten a little teary-eyed, I want to take a photo of that.  I want to not stop taking photos all day, because you two have spent months pouring your magical souls into this day. The details are simply you, and they feel alive. I want to capture the feast and the dancing. I really want to steal you two away at sunset time. I want you to hold hands and whisper about the surprising parts of the day that you have both been imagining for months now, and I want to photograph your silhouettes melting into that day's unique and perfect sunset.